Frequenty Asked Questions

1. Is the Content Template Registration mandatory on the DLT platform?

Yes, Content Template Registration is mandatory along with passing an approved Template Id, and principle entity id in SMS submission.

Also, all kinds of SMS content, i.e., OTPs, Transactional, and Promotional, have to be registered on your respective DLT platform.

2. What is the format of Variable while applying Content Template on the DLT platform?

On every DLT platform, each Variable should be written as {#var#}. If you use any other variable format, it will not be considered a variable, and your SMS delivery will be impacted.

3. What is the character limit in Variable {#var#} while sending SMS?

The variable's actual value while sending an SMS will be a maximum of 30 characters for both English and Unicode.

4. Is there any limit on the number of variables allowed in a single Content Template?

A maximum of 5-6 variables is allowed in one Content Template.

5. Is Brand Name mandatory in every SMS Template while applying on the DLT platform?

Yes, it is necessary to include your Brand Name in every SMS Content Template.

6. How many Headers (Sender Id) can be associated with a Content Template?

Multiple Headers can be mapped against the same Content Template during registration. This might be different on various DLT platforms managed by operators.

7. How long does it take to get the approval of the Content Template from the DLT platform?

Due to a large number of requests, you may face some delays in approval. However, a minimum of 2-4 business days wait is expected. (In recent user interaction we have observed it to be 1 working day for few users)

8. Is adding a Brand Name compulsory for all kinds of content templates?

Brand Name is compulsory in all kinds of SMS content: Promotional, Transactional, and OTPs.

9. Getting rejection on a template with an error Wrong Content-Type Selected?

Please note, your SMS content should be applied under the service implicit or explicit category only. Do not apply under promotional or transactional categories.

10. Getting rejection on a template with an error Brand Name not Added.

Adding a Brand name in an SMS content template is mandatory and should be explicitly mentioned in the SMS body.

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