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You can’t force the funnel, but you can engineer it.

If you are a marketer or a business owner, you’ve no doubt heard about the benefits of SMS marketing. This communication strategy, also called “text marketing,” is a favorite among marketers because of highly receptive audiences, unmatched open rates, and promotions that succeed because they’re delivered to customers and prospects on the mobile devices they carry with them all day.

Your business faces a challenge — cutting through the noise to convert and retain customers. Using the wrong tools or tactics to reach users can cost you time, money, and customer trust.

Customers pay attention to SMS. It’s up to you to make make the most of the medium and your message. SMS marketing gives you the power to do just that.

Your Text Marketing Jumpstart

Texting boasts greater immediacy and attention than other digital marketing methods. The benefits of successful SMS and text marketing are undeniable:

As you create your digital marketing strategy, you’ll come to understand that no one marketing method is a silver bullet. But SMS stands out as one of the most reliable ways to reach your customers, especially when used in combination with voice, email, Facebook Messenger, and other channels.

What is SMS?

Stands for short message service, is the standardized communications protocol for mobile devices. In other words, it is shorthand for a text message. People often use SMS and text message interchangeably.

What is a shortcode?

A special 5- or 6-digit phone number designated for companies and organizations to send and receive SMS and MMS. Just like you would text with your friends from your own mobile number, companies can text back and forth with consumers from a short code.

SMS Marketing Starts With A Solid Foundation

SMS has emerged as one of the best and most reliable ways for large and small organizations to connect with their audience in a more intimate, direct way. Its use is definitely on the rise and with good reason: when done correctly, it works. In fact, brands using SMS successfully typically reach 95% of users, on both smartphones and non-smartphones. It all starts with the technology behind the message, so you’ll need a sophisticated SMS provider to support your mobile marketing programs.

Localmail offers a comprehensive suite of developer-friendly APIs including messaging, voice, and lookup services to help you build effective mobile applications within your ecosystem. Our communication solutions are built to support your marketing efforts by giving developers the ability to quickly and easily integrate call and text (and a whole lot more) directly into your mobile marketing suite. Whether it’s text messaging, push, email, recorded voice messages, Facebook Messenger, you want a marketing platform that can respond and evolve with the varying needs – and preferences of – your audience to have the right conversation at the right time, every time.

Measure what works.

Smart marketers know how their campaigns are performing and can prove their ROI. That’s another great benefit to text marketing: if you have the right SMS solution, SMS marketing offers a direct, measurable, and trackable marketing channel. It allows you to easily determine which messages and promotions are working and which ones aren’t which can help you continually refine your text campaigns, and improve your marketing messages on all other media. Best of all, you can capture leads and all text-based responses and inquiries for sales follow-up.

Need More Help?

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