Phone Number Lookup Service

The Phone Number Lookup API enables businesses to validate and obtain information about phone numbers.

Features of phone number Lookup:

  1. Number Validation: Confirms if the provided phone number is valid.

  2. Country Code Identification: Determines the international country dialing code.

  3. National Number Format: Provides the phone number in a national format.

  4. Carrier Information: Identifies the carrier service associated with the phone number.

  5. Regional Identification: Pinpoints the country or region of the phone number's registration.

This service is essential for enterprises looking to verify user contact details, enhance customer data, and improve communication strategies.


Request Body




Format: Should be in E.164 formatting for international numbers, which includes a + followed by the country code and the national number. Example: "+1234567890"

  "original_number": "+91XXXXXXXXXX",
  "country_code": 91,
  "national_number": "XXXXXXXXXX",
  "is_valid": true,
  "carrier": "Example Carrier",
  "region": "Example Country"

Response Format

The API responds with a JSON object providing detailed information about the queried phone number:

  • original_number: The original phone number queried.

  • country_code: International country dialing code.

  • national_number: National format of the phone number.

  • is_valid: Boolean indicating if the phone number is valid.

  • carrier: Name of the phone carrier.

  • region: Country or region where the phone number is registered.

Error Responses

  • 400 Bad Request: Invalid phone number format or missing data in the request.

  • 401 Unauthorized: Access token is missing or invalid.

  • 404 Not Found: Phone number not found in the database.

  • 500 Internal Server Error: Unexpected server error.

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