IP Lookup Service

IP lookup service provides detailed information about IP addresses, enhancing your business's security and data intelligence.

Features of IP Lookup

  • Geolocation Details: Discover the geographical location of any IP address.

  • Security Assessments: Identify potential security threats linked to IP addresses.

  • Connection Insights: Determine the type of connection (residential, business, mobile) an IP is associated with.

POST https://api.localmail.io/v1/lookup/ip/

The IP Lookup API provides detailed information about an IP address, including domain association, geographical location, and network information.

Request Body




Format: Must be a valid IPv4 or IPv6 address. Example: "" (IPv4), "2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334" (IPv6)

  "ip": "",
  "domain": "exampledomain.com",
  "asn": "ASxxxxx",
  "asn_organization": "Example Organization",
  "country": "Example Country",
  "continent": "Example Continent",
  "reason": "",
  "name_official": "Official Country Name",
  "calling_codes": "+xx",
  "currencies": "XXX",
  "region": "Example Region",
  "sub_region": "Example Sub-Region",
  "capital": "Capital City",
  "languages": "Language1,Language2"

Response Format

Upon a successful request, the API will return a JSON object containing the following information:

  • ip: IP address queried.

  • domain: Associated domain name (if any).

  • asn: Autonomous System Number.

  • asn_organization: Organization associated with the ASN.

  • country: Country where the IP is located.

  • continent: Continent of the IP location.

  • reason: Additional details or reasons (if applicable).

  • name_official: Official name of the country.

  • calling_codes: Country calling code(s).

  • currencies: Currency code(s) used in the country.

  • region: General region where the IP is located.

  • sub_region: Specific sub-region of the IP location.

  • capital: Capital city of the country.

  • languages: Languages spoken in the region.

Error Responses

  • 400 Bad Request: Invalid IP address format.

  • 401 Unauthorized: Access token is missing or invalid. (Only for premium users)

  • 404 Not Found: IP address not found in the database.

  • 500 Internal Server Error: Unexpected server error.

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