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An introduction to Local Mail Web Services platform.

Welcome to Local Mail Web Services documentation!

This document will provide instructions on how to quickly integrate Local Mail web services into various solutions by using Local Mail APIs.

Support for high-volume, global senders

Deliver SMS to your end users, no matter where they are, with global senders and redundant telecommunications infrastructure. We’ve solved the challenges of scale with configurable software to power phone number management, sender selection, compliance, content, and replies.

Flexible and fair pricing

With pay-as-you-go pricing, volume discounts, or committed use pricing, you can choose the option that’s right for you.
If you don't have a Local Mail account yet, signup for a free account and start using our API :)
For any commercial request concerning your Local Mail account, reach out to our account management team at [email protected]
HTTP requests to the REST API are protected with HTTP Basic authentication. To learn more about how Local Mail handles authentication, please refer to our security documentation.
Our Webservice APIs are listed here for your reference.
Our API is a REST standard specification.
We have some SDKs for the most popular programming languages and also an automatic code generation tool.

Base URL

Our base URL is https://api.localmail.io Strict SSL enabled URL for security
By default, Local Mail works with JSON.
It is not necessary to set Accept and Content-Type headers, but if you want you can do that.
Remember to send your request with valid JSON objects
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