Welcome to Local Mail API Documentation!

This documentation will guide you on how to seamlessly integrate Local Mail's web services into your applications. We provide a wide array of APIs, simplifying the process of integration and enabling you to generate ready-to-use code in your preferred programming language.

Global Reach, Scalable Solutions

Local Mail is designed to cater to users worldwide. Our infrastructure is built to handle high volumes and ensure reliable service no matter where your end users are located. We've tackled the challenges of scale with our configurable software that can manage a vast number of APIs, all under one roof.

Flexible and Fair Pricing

With Local Mail, there's no need for sign-ups or subscriptions. Our platform is open to all users, free of charge until out of beta. The only limitation is the rate limit of 100 requests per minute per IP address. If you require a higher rate limit, feel free to contact us at support@localmail.io to discuss potential options.

Easy Integration and Security

Our API is based on the REST standard specification, and we support JSON for data interchange. You don't need to set Accept and Content-Type headers, but you can do so if preferred. HTTP requests to the REST API are protected with a static apiKey for security and future roadmap to Dashboards and logs. Refer to our security documentation for more details on how LocalMail handles authentication.

Our APIs

LocalMail hosts hundreds of APIs across diverse categories like Verification Services, Lookup Services, Financial Services, and more. To start using them, simply find the API you're interested in, generate the code in your desired programming language, and integrate it into your application.

Base URL

Our base URL is https://api.localmail.io. We enforce Strict SSL for enhanced security.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please reach out to our support team at support@localmail.io. We're here to help you make the most of Local Mail's APIs.

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