SMPP Specification

Local Mail SMPP environment has multiple servers. To benefit from our fault tolerant, high availability platform we prefer SMPP customers to connect directly to our hostname. Based on location and traffic load your application will be automatically connected to the best server.

You should connect to Localmail SMPP servers using SMPP version 3.4.

Below are the connection details required to connect:



IP address




Transmitter (TX)/ Receiver (RX)/ Transceiver (TRX)


your smpp username


your smpp password

Throughput is tailored to each customer’s requirement during our onboarding process. In most cases for each bind connected to localmail SMPP servers you will be able to submit a maximum of 50 message per second. You can check with your account manager about specific requirements.

For relaying DLR back to your platform localmail servers will send back deliver_sm to any bind connected with the same systemId of the originating submit_sm PDU. This includes if you are sending from multiple sites; we will send to any active bind.

Need More Help?

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